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Local Buisness Interview with Undercity comics


Question 1: What’s your business about?

“Comic books, we sell comics, games, graphic novels, manga… collectible stuff, fun stuff.”


Question 2: What role do you believe you have or fill in the area?

“We bring fun to the area, you know it’s something that’s missing up here that we used to have a couple shops that used to carry this role and a lot of the stores are going under, closing up so it’s kinda nice to be able to stay in this area and give fun to the customers around the area, the locals…”


Question 3: Can you tell us anything about the history of this establishment?

“We’ve been in business since 2010, so it’s been almost thirteen to a little over thirteen years, so we’ve started up ourselves and we thought we wanted a business so we wanted to do something that was fun and something that we like to surround ourselves with, items that we enjoy.


Question 4: Are you doing this for the money?

“Well… it’d be nice but it’s not gonna make us millions, it’s a labor of love, it’s fun to do, it’s nice to be surrounded by it and we make a little bit of money, maybe we don’t get rich but it provides a service to the community and we enjoy it. It fulfills a need and it makes us happy to help, it’s all the same stuff we’ve been around even when we didn’t have the business… This is basically the average kids room. You’ve got Funko Pops, you’ve got toys, you’ve got comics, you’ve got shirts, this is the stuff you find fun, we didn’t want to be surrounded by things we didn’t even like looking at.


What do customers think of the business?:

“I mean I come here pretty often whenever I’m going out with my friends, i just happen to stop by and you know, look at the comics… wish i had them, i like this place, it’s good, you guys are doing a good job.”


After the interview, the owners had a message for students about advice for their passions and for having a successful business:


“If you go into business always make sure it’s something you like, because if you love it, the people that come into your store will know that you love it and it is gonna be that much easier to sell and profit from it.” – Mr. And Mrs. Canales, the owners


Thank you to Mr and Mrs Canales from Undercity Comics for letting us interview them


Undercity Comics:

12920 Philadelphia St, Whittier, CA 90601

(562) 696-1718

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