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Good Bye
Good Bye
May 24, 2024
Tranquillity collage
Tranquillity collage
April 29, 2024
Lucky poem
Lucky poem
April 24, 2024

Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey 2 (2024) Film Review

A fan-art poster for the film posted on @marianomattosarton instagram
A flashback sequence of young Christopher Robin & Pooh

Ready for Another Deadtime Story?

The character of Tigger standing in the aftermath from one of his victims

During the past years, the fictional animated & effervescent character of “Winnie the Pooh” is often viewed as a children’s cartoon character that brings many smiles to adolescents both at sight & hearance. Until recently in the year of 2022, Disney had lost their rights to “Winnie the Pooh” in which the reason behind is due to this character & anything associated within the universe was now PUBLIC DOMAIN!!! As aforementioned, with this fictional character now being public domain, anything could be created with these characters. Nothing to be worried about…right? The film takes us on a roller coaster to the deepest & darkest pits of the 100 acre woods in Ashtown. Here, the film picks up directly from where the first one leaves (if I am being entirely honest, you don’t have to see the first film to understand this one) which focuses on Pooh seeking revenge on Christopher Robin (Scott Chambers). However, we are now introduced to Pooh’s friends which include Tigger (Lewis Santer), Owl (Marcus Massey) & Piglet (Eddy MacKenzie) who will join forces with Pooh on his killing spree.


Piglet & Owl talking to Pooh about taking over Ashtown

WOW!! Can I say that this film was SUCH an improvement compared to the first one. It is clearly visible with the differences that this new budget for the film had made. We can clearly see that the characters have now gotten an “upgrade” with their physical appearances as well as the SFX when it comes to the gorey kills in the film. What I liked more of the film was the idea of how they’re was more of a clearer & easy going storyline for the audience to follow. This however, included lore that explained the unexplainable parts of the film in which is why I feel like an individual will not need to watch the first film to understand the second. Additionally, I also liked how each character is supposed to represent & or

The official “Twisted Childhood” Universe list released by @jaggededge_productions on their instagram

have characteristics of iconic horror characters such as Tigger resembling Freddy Kreuger, Pigel to Leatherface, Owl to Pinhead & most importantly Pooh as the iconic Micheal Myers. As a result, if I were to compare this to a “similar” film then I would most definitely say that it reminded me of Damien Leone’s “Terrifier (2016)”. I do believe that if director Rhys Frake-Waterfield doesn’t become cocky with an increased ratings for this film, then he could possibly pull off a third installment in the franchise *wink-wink* (hinting at the post-credit scene). On the side note, the easter egg for the upcoming “Bambi: The Reckoning” was very subtle in the film. If you pay attention to the scene where Christopher Robin is on his laptop doing research, you can see an article titled “Zombie Deer Disease”. I hope that the rest of the films within the universe are as just as enjoyable as this one…speaking of which here is the list of upcoming films in the “Twisted-Childhood” Universe:

Hope to see what good things come with the future of this cinematic universe!!!

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I have always considered myself to be a film buff & have found the passion of being able to write about things that I like. Being a part of this club gives me the opportunity to express the various feelings of modern cinematographic films being released & publicating ethical reviews for the WHS community to read :) 

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