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In the Heights (2024) WHS Musical

Class of 2024 Final Senior Bow!!


  • Alex Candelaria (Unsnavi)
  • Destiny Thomas (Nina Rosario)
  • Aiden Carlos (Kevin Rosario)
  • Cynthia Fernandez (Camilia Rosario)
  • Mason Vigil (Benny)
  • Victoria Tolano (Vanessa)
  • Elias Vivero (Sonny)
  • Anabelle Gastelo (Abuela Claudia)
  • Emily Mongeotti (Daniela)
  • Ariana Alcudia (Carla)
  • Sarah Galvez (Graffiti Pete)
  • Julia Rodriguez (Piragua Guy)
  • Ayden Guzman & Marcus Hurdle (Radio Voice)




As an individual who has never seen a live musical in person, the WHS adaptation of “In the Heights” brought such a heartwarming & immaculate feeling to both the community & myself. The musical revolves around its main protagonist Usnavi (Alex Candelaria) who often seeks his life daydreaming about returning back to his home place in the Dominican Republic while trying to live his life to the fullest. The musical then starts to introduce the side stories of the background characters that connect back to Usanvi such as Nina Rosario (Destiny Thomas) who is the daughter of both Kevin Rosario (Aiden Carlos) & Camilia Rosario (Cynthia Fernandez) which are parents of a highly intelligent Stanford University student, The reputable hair stylist Vanessa (Victoria Tolano) who knows everything about everyone to the wholesome Piragua Guy (Julia Rodriguez) who walks around the neighborhood selling his well known snow-cones during the hot hot summer days!!

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It was such a grateful & amazing experience to be able & see the highly talented individuals construct this meaningful Spring musical for the community. The musical touches upon the various themes of Ethnicity, Family, Gentrification & the ability to pursue the American Dream. To my analysis, this musical sends the message to the audience that they need to live life to the best of their ability no matter what circumstances & or trials that they are currently facing. It is important to stay close with your family & create memories to look back on in the future & to pursue your ideal dream whether it be something small or big. What I loved most about the musical was the physical setup. Getting to see that the entire Vic Lopez Auditorium stage transformed into the streets of New York City was so AWESOME!!! To the brick walls decorated with graffiti art to the various mini bodega shops placed around the stage really makes you feel like your within the setting. It truly has an authentic feel to the New York City environment. As the class of 2024 leaves the spotlights on the stage, a new batch of adolescents come to take their place to continue this never ending cycle of creativity. If you are within the community & looking for something fun & simple to do then I definitely recommend stopping by to the WHS campus to see such exquisite Fall plays & Spring musicals that the Theatre Company produces 🙂

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